mari mencari....


Wednesday, November 26, 2008


a void where love was lost... in my heart, a hole
your eyes looked into me, my heart, mind, and soul
you took me into your world, and for a little bit
was I, and a hope that you'd include me in it
I might've been in, perhaps, the longest of dreams
which your smile, glance, I chanced in whatever they'd mean
might I've been a glimmer of what you sought
in your eyes what danced there, I imagined, were your thoughts
for a time I had with you, you kept me by your side
someone to laugh with, dream with, and confide
what I wished I didn't ever have to do...
was how I couldn't tell you I was in love with you

time, never a friend of mine, passing me by
inevitably you too, and became harder to find
never could I ever say I've wanted you to stay
was never my place, yet I prayed you would anyway
I'd hoped this wasn't the plan, that I couldn't be
just an instant, and distant, fading memory
now your smile... a glance, is not what I get to see
both quickly breaking away... seeing you is breaking me
you've given away your smile, elsewhere is your glance
I've been here before though... lost another game of chance
I knew with you I was destined, at best, as a memory
I was bound to a promise, my heart wasn't free
from you I know I would have to break away
For you, my love... somehow must fade away

-lee degnan