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Thursday, November 27, 2008

love after all...

Here we are a year has passed

Journey to mountains and streams
Coloring all the road we’ve been through
With laughter and tears we sailed together

We stop then go for a while
Making moments each scene that’s beautiful
Taking pictures of sunrise in the morning
While talking in silence during sun set

Over and over we might be doing the same thing
Yet with us its like each day a new day for us
Finding so many reasons to enjoy love,
Not like the others who sees hurt when it comes to love

Then sometimes the road get bumpy
The sea starts to wave like there’s a storm
The rain start to pour on a sunny day
Yet we keep our hand closely together

Walking while the wind blew against our direction
And how strong the wind maybe,
Still we believe our love is stronger than nature.
The reason I see why we still in each others arm

Life and love will never be colorful without all those things
Though we ask for a smooth sailing ride
Without those wave we couldn’t see how strong we are
Despite all of those things…. It’s love after all

- mark anthony mendoza


miszrLina said...

wah... layan jiwang eh....

by marc anthony! luv it!! tp suke sgt lagu "my baby u".... huhu

saya said...

jiwang jgn tak jiwangggg.. hahhahaha..