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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stupido # 3

introducing to you the latest addition of stupido on the street.

the said car driver is too rude, totally no driving etiquette plus of course, stupid.

he keep on changing lane in the middle of heavy traffic, which have caused more traffic abruption and almost hit other car in order for him to take the lane.

just imagine how would you feel when there is a bumper to bumper traffic but this stupido keep on harrasing your lane.

if you know this driver, please remind him to follow provided law or he will ended up with a tragedy when he meet with the right fist.

then, it will serve him right!!! u


KV said...

ha kan? Pagi2 dah kena! Kurang ajar sgt!

saya said...

tau takpeeeeeeeee... rasa nak lempang2 je. hehehehe.. tgh marah ni.

~dARlee zURiS~ said...

angin puting beliung gak kat sini ;P

saya said...

hehehehhe...beliung jangan tak beliungg.... susah le nak berdepan dgn org yg tak reti bahasa mcm tu..bikin spoil the mood je tau... gerammmmm