mari mencari....


Sunday, February 21, 2010

bored to death...

bosan betol..
do nothing for the whole weekend
i forced myself to lay down and sleep
when its a lots of things to do
but what should i do
i have this heavy lazy bones inside me
what a lame excuses
he's just as happy as usual
lazying around under my feet
on my tummy
between my arms
that creature just know where to go
as buzy as a bee
no..dont complaint
he's gonna make tonnes of money when he's done
(in a dream)
okey dokey...
im totally full now
after a heavy lunch and a pack of fried banana fritters
(cakap je la goreng pisang..kan senang)
anybody care to joint me for a dvd marathon?
no..not you nezha.. you can go chasing that colourful ball..


zh-ena said...

ader umairah nak merathon dvd mmg tak dapat la

saya said...

ena--umariah tu aktif nak gerak2 je hehhee...